Here’s Conner at a recent Vendor show. One company bought 10 Rubber Boot Buddies for their work trucks.

Company History

The owner and inventor of the Rubber Boot Buddy is Conner Christian, an 8th grade student from Angleton Junior High School.  He grew up farming and ranching with his father.  He loves to hunt and fish and his active lifestyle is the reason he came up with the Rubber Boot Buddy invention. He and his dad often needed rubber boots to check the rice fields.  Their boots were always thrown in the back of the truck with all the other equipment and supplies.  Conner was usually the one to climb up in the back of the truck and retrieve their boots.  Conner decided that there was a better and easier way to store their wet and muddy boots.  With his dad's supervision, one night he decided to experiment with creating a rack mounting system that would provide easy access to their boots.  Thus, the Rubber Boot Buddy was created.

A few months later, Conner wrote a 300 word essay and applied for entry into the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.  He was one of twenty five students accepted.  He chose this program to gain a better understanding of how to manage and grow a business as a young entrepreneur and to learn how to successfully launch and market his Rubber Boot Buddy product.  He is a dedicated entrepreneur and is not afraid of hard work.

Conner asked his father, a respected farmer and rancher in the community, to help him get his product installed in several people's trucks. He was blown away by the reception it received. This has proven the concept and given Conner the confidence that the market need is there and people will buy the product.  Won't you give the Rubber Boot Buddy a try? We know you will want one for every truck you own.